Pheriche, 4200m

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Tashi Dele!

Today we had a beautiful walk from Deboche to Pheriche. We have had great views over Ama Dablam, Kangtega, Mt Everest, Lhotse and the first views of our main goal – Island Peak!!

It really looked awesome – all white and glittering of all snow! Tomorrow we will get a chance to take a better look at her while acclimatising on the hill above the village of Pheriche.

Here at Panorama Lodge we met Asel and Kristoffer again. 

They came down from Kala Pathar today and it was really nice to see them again! Such a lovely couple! They reached all their goals – Renjo La, Everest BC and Kala Pathar – well done and congratulations!!

We will stay here in Pheriche two nights and one more update will come before we head towards Lobuche!

All the best!

Christina, Lo, Malin, Ingela, Stella, Jennifer, Linnea, Asel and Kristoffer with Sherpas

Girls Get Higher Goes Hi On Life!!

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Tashi Dele!

What a day!!  What a group 🙂

This bunch of girls are constantly singing, laughing and dancing – this will be a great expedition!

This morning started with a happy birthday celebration of Ingela 🙂  Tea and presents at bed and a Birthday crown to wear for the day – can it be more girlish??  After breakfast we went on an acclimatization hike to Everest View Hotel – great walk and great views.  Afternoon was filled with shopping and soon it is time for  a nice birthday dinner – What a day…

Everyone are feeling great and send their love to all family and friends at home!

All the best!
/Girls Get Higher Island Peak Expedition,
Lo, Malin, Ingela, Linnea, Jennifer, Stella och Christina

GGH at Everest View Hotel, Nepal

Girls - Hi On Life

Hi On Life, Nepal

Snow, thunder and lightening!

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Already during the walk from Namche, our guide Saran looked towards the sky, turned to me and said – ”It doesn’t look good, I think we will get snow”.

The morning, before walking from Thame,  we informed the group to be prepared for some snow in the afternoon, even if the weather was nice at the moment. Saran could not have been more right!

The trek from Thame to Lungden starts easy. The trail goes towards Tibet and the valley is broad and brown with red patches here and there from fall colored bushes.  The architecture is totally different from along the Everest High way – much more basic.



During the lunch in Marlung, where we, according to the whole group, had the most delicious Rara Noodle Soup so far,  it started to snow. And not a little!  We continued and after 1,5 hours of trekking in heavy snowfall we reached the lodge in Lungden.  We snuggled up around the fire and drank Hot Chocolate and Masala Tea. Saran and I started to make new plans. In this weather it was way to risky to cross the pass Renjo La at 5300 meters above sea level.  Should we turn around?

When we woke up the next day it was still snowing a little bit and we decided to just make a short and safe acclimatization hike up the mountain, close to the lodge and skip our planned trip towards Arie and the border to Tibet. We were back in time for lunch, all safe and after climbing around 350 altitude meters.

In the afternoon a big French group came to the lodge. Their plan was also to cross the pass the next day.  In the late afternoon the bad weather got worse and worse.  What we first thought was the strong wind, we later understood was thunder, when we saw the snow light up in pink from the lightening.  The snow was dumping and we started to make new plans for our trip.  Tomorrow, if the weather was better we could go down towards Namche again.  All our itineraries was good for a few extra days and we would have time.

So, the plans where all set – together with the French we would descend again to safer and lower altitude.  BUT, in the last moment of the evenings briefing, Saran looked at his barometer at his watch and said ”- If the weather is nice tomorrow morning we stay here one more day and cross the pass!”

Yea right, weather turn nice??  Even the forecast we got from the radio said the bad weather would go on to the 16th. It was only the 14th today.

Saran asked our sherpas to wake him up at 5 a.m. if the weather was good.  And nock nock – I was shocked!  From the worst weather possible when we got to bed in the evening, it had turned into an amazing crystal clear sky full with sparkling stars and no wind 🙂 Saran and I went back to bed with a big smile on our faces.

When we woke up our group, the French group had already left for Namche.  We had a long relaxing breakfast and then did our planned acclimatization hike to Arie, in a sparkling white winter wonder land under a dark blue sky and a hot sun.

The day after the storm







Saran - our guide with great intuition - and a whole lot of experience!!


Left hand traffic in Nepal

Yaks on their way home to Arie

Better place for a lunch, any one?

Our Lodge in Lungden - our home through the storm!

The next day we woke up early and could safely cross the pass. It was worth every step, even though it was the toughest time ever, due to the heat. The snow reflected the sun and our GoreTex and wollen inner liners were exchanged to sun protection 50 and sun hats instead.

Niclas on the go - towards Renjo La!!

Our Guide Saran and Sirdar Om on the way to the pass.

Lunch - David and Thea are enjoying egg sandwiches...

David and Thea on top of Renjo La 5347 masl

Asel and Kristoffer at Renjo La

The amazing views from Renjo La. Mt Everest, Lhotse, Makalu all over 8000 meters!!

The whole group - Congrats!!!

And the photographer - Hi On Life leader - Christina

Extremely tiered, but very happy, we reached Gokyo in the late afternoon and celebrated with a nice dinner and at a very good lodge.

Panorama over Gokyo Lake

The day after we had a nice walk down to Dhole. Great views also this day since the Gokyo valley is one of the most beautiful in the area. We past three out of a total of five lakes in the Gokyo valley – all in different blue, green, turquoise colored water.

On our way to Dhole

Bridge at the 1st Lake

Chorten above Machermo

After our night in Dhole, I had to leave the group to go down to meet our next group – Girls Get Higher! I wish all the expedition members good luck on their adventures to come – Lobuche Peak, Island Peak, Everest BC and Ama Dablam!  Stay Safe you guys!!!

News will come as soon as I get updates!

Bye bye for now...  Heading towards new adventures...

At the same moment I am writing this our ”Girls Get Higher” group – our ”Women’s only Island Peak Expedition” has reached Benkar and are heading up to Namche tomorrow.  I am for sure looking forward to meet them all!


All the best from the Himalayas

Hi On Life

Reports from a beautiful Nepal

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After a great breakfast at Yak Hotel in Namche we started our trek to the village of Thame. The trek is easy and beautiful and goes through an amazing pine forest. The trail is soft and unusually flat for being in Nepal 🙂 After a few hours  we reached Thamo. There we had a nice lunch in the lodge garden and enjoyed the sun and the views. After lunch the trail slowly got more and more steep and we started the climb up to Thame where we are going to stay the night.

Here we are staying at Apa Sherpa’s Lodge. Apa Sherpa is, together with Purba Tashi, holding the world record of climbing Mount Everest most times. Both has climbed the mountain 21 times!  It is also in this little village that the legendary Tenzing Norgay (first – together with Sir Edmund Hillary up on Everest) was born.  The mountain views from here are truly outstanding!

The lodge is full of people and we have had nice company of some swiss trekkers.  After dinner we have played cards with our sherpas and porters and now it is time for bed!  Everyone are feeling good despite from some head ache, which is quite common on this altitude. One more nice day have reach it’s end.

All the best from Nepal

/Hi On Life’s Everest Circuit Trek, Island Peak Special Expedition and Ama Dablam Expedition









Finally back in the Himalayas!

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The season has started and we are a bunch of happy people who have reached Namche after a few days of trekking from Lukla. The weather has been great and we got awesome views from Everest View Hotel yesterday. Yesterday afternoon we had some free time for shopping and ”sightseeing” in the picturesque Sherpa Capital Namche Bazaar.  Some of us shopped till we dropped 🙂   Today we are heading for Thame. A beautiful small village west of Namche where the two legendary climbers Tenzing Norgay (first on Everest) and Apa Sherpa (most times on Everest) where born.

Everyone are feeling great and are doing very well – As you can see at the photos below 🙂

All the best from Namche

/Hi On Life’s Everest Circuit Trek, Island Peak Special Expedition and Ama Dablam Expedition















Sommar i Nepal

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Namaste från ett somrigt Nepal!

Nu har vi lagt ut ett album på Facebook från vår sommarvandring i Everestregionen. Vi fick en fantastisk vandring med vackert väder större delen av turen i ett riktigt grönt och blomstrande Himalaya. I Upper Pangboche fick vi bevittna Dumji festivalen – intressant och färgrann!

Nedan kan ni se ett par av våra foton – På Facebook har vi ett helt album!

Album på Facebook

Upper Pangboche Everest Trek

Vacker vandring i Himalaya, även sommartid!

Liten Sherpaflicka, Everest Trek

Dumji Festival, Upper Pangboche

Sherpanis med deras angi (förkläden)

Buddhistiska munkar dansar - Dumji Festival

Grönt och frodigt längs med leden upp till Everest

Blommor överallt - Sommar i Himalaya!

Allt gott från Nepal!

Christina signature

Mera Peak – april 2013

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Den 29 april klockan 07:10 nådde  Hi On Life’s expedition toppen av Mera Peak 6 476 möh!

I High Camp fanns totalt 4 expeditioner som skulle ge sig av mot toppen den morgonen – endast en expedition kom upp – gissa vilken!  🙂  Stort grattis till vårt fantastiska team!

Nu har vi äntligen fått tag på lite bilder! Det är Susanna Cederquists kamera som bilderna kommer ifrån. Vår egna kamera är fortfarande på vift i bergen, men kommer snart ner – kanske lägger vi ut ytterligare en del foton då.

För fler bilder från vår Mera Peak Expedition, besök vår Facebooksida där vi har alla våra album nu för tiden.

Så, varså god – bara att sätta sig till rätta och njuta av dessa underbara bilder från Mera Peak – 6 476 möh!

Susanna njuter av solen i Himalaya,

På väg ut till Mera Peak

Mera La - Nima tar täten över glaciären

Storslagna Himalaya

Tälten i High Camp

Matdags i Mera Peak High Camp

YESS!  Toppen av Mera Peak 6 189 möh

Dorje på toppen av Mera Peak

Nima i högt uppe i Himalaya

Nima på Mera Peak

Lycklig i Himalaya! Mera Peak

Susanna omfamnar Himalaya. Mount Everest till vänster om hennes vänstra hand.

Dorje leder dem ner från Mera Peak

High Camp nedpackat

Dags att påbörja vandringen ut från berget

Grattis Susanna - strongt gjort att bestiga Mera Peak!

Tack Susanna för fantastiska foton!

/Hi On Life Adventures

Annapurna Circuit – Bilderna…

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Då har vår Annapurna Circuit grupp kommit tillbaka igen från en fantastisk vandring och nu få vi nöja med oss att drömma oss tillbaka genom fantastiska bilder…

Vårens grupp var ett riktigt glatt gäng som verkligen bjöd på sig själva.  Här kan ni se foton från bad i vattenfall, inspelning av Bollywood musikvideor, klättring i träd och peruker gjorda av mossa och blommor! För att se samtliga bilder från Annapurna Circuit – besök vår Facebook sida där vi har alla våra album.

Ewa och Anita har vandrat med Hi On Life tidigare, men för Heidi och Fredrik var det första gången i Himalaya – dock inte den sista hoppas vi!

Tack för en fantastisk vandring – välkomna tillbaka!

/Hi On Life Adventures

Hari, Anita och Ewa




Hi On Life's sherpa Prem!

Vandring i Himalaya

Glada Hi On Life stamgäster!

Våren har nått Nepal!

Längs med leden, Annapurna Circuit

Nepalesisk man

Fascinerande landskap

Spegelblankt i Himalaya

Glada Hi On Life'are, Annapurna

Thorung La passet 5 416 möh!

Soluppgång över Himalaya, Poon Hill

Rhododendrongsäsong i Nepal

Hela gruppen i Rhododendronträd

Bollywood musikal!

Fredrik i rokokostil?

Hi On Life!!!

Strålande sol i Gorak Shep & Everest Base Camp

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Här kommer hälsningar från Gorak Shep!

Vi fick en fantastisk vandring hit i morse och nådde vår lodge på 5180m. redan vid 09:30. Anders som gärna ville besöka Mount Everest Base Camp  fortsatte ut dit tillsammans med Dorje, medan vi andra njöt av te i solen omringade av alla 6, 7 och 8000 meterstoppar.

Likaså var vandringen upp till Lobuche i går otroligt vacker. Strålande sol och inte ett moln på himlen på hela dagen. Vi stannade bland annat till vid minnesplatsen ovanför Thukla, där många kända och okända klättrare har fått ett stenröse rest efter sig.
Vi mår alla bra, har klarat oss från magsjukor, förkylningar och andra åkommor.
I morgon ska vi bestiga Kala Pathar 5545m. för att sen gå ner till lägre höjd igen.

Hoppas att ni har det lika fint som vi har det!

Island Peak Expedition
Robert, Tomas, Anders, Christina med sherpor

Några yakar längs med leden

Anders, Robert och Thomas med vår lodgeägare i Pheriche - Pemba


Trekking in Nepal

Strax nedanför Thukla

På väg till Lobuche

Vår sherpa Om

Vyer att njuta av!

På acklimatiseringstur ovanför Pheriche

Glada grabbar framför sitt mål - Island Peak

Acklimatiseringsdag i Pheriche

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Efter en snöig vandring utan vyer från Deboche till Pheriche i går, så har vi i dag haft en fantastisk dag med strålande sol från en klarblå himmel och storslagna vyer.

Efter frukost gick vi upp på ”kullen” här bredvid Pheriche och nådde ca 4700 meter. Där stannade vi ett tag och sög i oss höjden så att morgondagens vandring till Lobuche kommer att gå som en dans 🙂

I kväll delar vi lodge med ett gäng glada tyskar som precis har kommit ner från Kala Pathar och Mount Everest Base Camp.

Hoppas att ni alla har det bra där hemma. Vi har det gott här!
Ska försöka ladda upp lite bilder på FB. Uppkopplingen är tyvärr inte den bästa…
Hälsar vi från Himalaya
Anders, Robert, Thomas, Christina med team