Posted on: 04 May 2015

Our first dispatch of relief and rescue are ready and packed! – 1000 kg rice, 200 kg lentils, 100 lts cooking oil, 100 kg sugar, 50 kg salt, 300 pcs instant noodles, 300 pcs biscuits, 2000 pcs tea bags, 300 pcs rehydration salts, 100 bottles water purifying liquids and 200 pcs fruit juice and 60 bottles of water. Now we are loading the truck. Our HiOnLife team will leave 5 am tomorrow to a place called Thansing in remote area where relief and rescue haven’t reached. Heard that people are really distressed there. Biggest challenge will be to control people who will be rushing for supplies out of desperation. Hope everything will go fine and we will be able to comfort them and give them hope to rebuild their lives.




Wish us luck!

Hi On Life’s rescue & relief team