Posted on: 07 Jun 2015

Update from Nepal!

Big day tomorrow! We are leaving for Wapsa with 540 piece of galvanized tin roofs, which is 3240 kgs!! 1350 kg rice, 90 lts cooking oil, 60 kgs sugar, 45 kgs salt and plenty of sweets, drawing books, colour pencils, crayons, a few balls, frisbees, bats and other toys, for the 55 children who are not being able to go to their school in Wapsa, which is destroyed. A few of the things we have ordered and will bring from Salleri.

These things are for 30 families, who are sleeping outside under plastic roof right now because their houses are destroyed.

If you have trekked or climbed with us I am sure you have met our Sherpas Dil and Bhopal. Both have their families in this village and their houses are destroyed. They send their regards and thanks to all of you who are supporting the re-building of their village!

We have a long journey a head the two upcoming days!

1st day: 12 hours drive to Salleri on jeep 2nd day: 4 hrs drive in jeep on rough off road to Nele + 3 hrs in tractor to Basa (jeeps not able to go) + 5 hrs trek to the village!  60 + porters will come to meet us and carry the heavy building material up to Wapsa!

We will stay 3 days together with 6 guys who are experts in making houses – we will help building the school and some houses. While staying in the village, we will eat a lot of fresh snow trout fish – Dil and Bhopal has sent the boys to fish 🙂  It is the small things in life – like good food – that makes hard times less hard!

Today we had an aftershock with strength of 4.6 in the afternoon, it felt pretty strong. I could easily feel it on the bike. When will this stop?

All the best & thank you for your support!

//Saran Hi On Life’s rescue & relief team