Posted on: 23 Sep 2012


Saran here, reporting from Kathmandu…

Today the group woke up to a beautiful morning. There is not a spot of cloud in the sky. The weather is so good, no wind, no cloud, only crystal clear blue sky and beautiful white mountains and the green grassy meadow where our Base Camp is. Hurrah!!!

Magnus has got rid of the diarrhea. He didn’t go to toilet in the night and right now he is smiling and feeling strong. Magnus and Joakim has taken shower and looks fresh and healthy.

All of us at Hi On Life Himalaya has learnt over the years that when the weather is sunny and bright, the Swedes think it is the “Biggest SIN” to stay inside, even not inside a tent. The kitchen staff has taken the tables and chairs out of the dining tent and put them outside on the grassy meadow, looking at the beautiful views of the mountains and of course of Putha Hiunchuli, which they will be summiting in a about a week. A wonderful breakfast was served with some cereals, potato hash brown with cheese and egg, fried tomatoes and some sausages. Can anyone think of anything better than this!!!!!

That reminds me to quote one of my friend in Sweden, Ola, who says “It should be like this when it is the worst!!!”

After breakfast Sonam, Lhakpa and Rinjen gave some ice climbing training to Magnus and Joakim. Since the group knows that their leader Sonam has won several rock climbing championships and has been the route setter and judge for some, they couldn’t miss the opportunity to see him in action and learn some rock climbing as well. Right now they are on a rocky cliff nearby, Sonam has fixed the runners and the group is practicing some rock climbing. They are having fun – Well that is the main idea isn’t it??

All the best from Himalaya