Posted on: 30 Jan 2018

The start of bigger adventures!

I booked onto Hi On Life Adventures’ 3-week Lobuche East expedition in Nepal in October 2017. In short, it was the experience of a lifetime. I’ve done a fair bit of trekking and climbing before, as well as group trips, so I feel I have a good grounding for comparison. The landscape and culture were amazing – something that I can’t wait to experience again. But it was also the Hi On Life team that made it so memorable. From our Sherpa Pemba to our porters, cooks and climbing Sherpas as well as Christina and Saran that run the company, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I was smiling almost constantly and never felt nervous or in danger, even when climbing at altitude at low temperatures. I would definitely recommend Hi On Life Adventures, especially if you’re looking for a personal experience. I can’t wait to get back to Nepal.

Khumbu Ice Clinic – Lobuche Peak Expedition