Tjoho!!! 10:08 local time Saran called from the summit of Island Peak!  He had just summated with his third and last group for this season! They where all standing on the summit screaming and shouting of happiness and it was a precious feeling to be able to share their joy over the phone. The weather was brilliant they told me, and everyone was feeling great! This was Hi On Life’s second Norwegian group and we for sure hope to get more climbers from our beautiful neighboring country in the north!

Hi On Life

Saran's dunderkur för förkylda deltagare

Kallt i Dingboche

Glada deltagare på väg ut mot Island Peak

Lhotses mäktiga vägg!

Livet är gott i Himalaya!

På väg mot High Camp

Fina Hillebergstält skyddar oss väl från det hårda klimatet i High Camp

Katarina & Peter har gjort sig hemmastadda i High Camp

Island Peak High Camp!

Vandring över Island Peaks glaciär

Glaciärvandring Island Peak

Bestigning av Island Peak

Island Peaks huvudvägg

Bestigning av Island Peak

Bestiging av Island Peak

Island Peaks vackra toppkam

Island Peaks toppkam

Climbing Island Peak

Hi On Life climbing Island Peak

Summit ridge of Island Peak

De sista stegen upp till toppen

John har nått toppen!

Thomas njuter av vyerna från toppen av Island Peak

Mette & Cathrine lyckliga på toppen!

Thomas & Cathrine glada Island Peak bestigare

Så var det dags att vända åter...

Makalu strålar i Himalayas sol

John solar sig i glansen av sin tidigare bestigning.

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  1. Rune Falck skriver:

    Good job again Saran and crew! Best wishes and congratulaitions
    to the Norwegians from Sweden and Rune!

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