Posted on: 31 Aug 2011

Uppdatering från Kathmandu:

” Good morning!  Good news – this morning Sony came to her senses. She is recovering but is still in the Intensive Care Unit, so no one can meet her.  I feel so sorry for Nima and his wife – they have been sleeping in the hospital, on the floor for 15 days. I gave them our mattresses, still the whole night people are there and patients crying etc. The floor is made of marble, so it is very hard and cold. They have to be there stand by, just in case there is any emergency. They looked so tired and their eyes wanted to shut to sleep. Bikram has also been helping them and has been sleeping with them in the hospital some nights.”

Reds anm:  Bikram är en av Hi On Life’s guider.

Vi på Hi On Life Adventures är så klart otroligt glada över denna nyhet och vi hoppas att ni gläds med oss!