Posted on: 07 Jun 2015

Namaste from Nepal!

After some time spent with our families, we are now back in Kathmandu full of energy to continue the relief work. I met with our Hi On Life team today and we came up with these 3 issues to work with:

1. Help rebuilt 18 houses that has been destroyed- some of which belong to our staff’s. We are taking galvanized tin sheets for roof and some building materials to a village called Wapsa.

2. Go to either Gorkha or Sindupal Chowk with more relief, specially temporary shelters for monsoon.

3. Try to rescue a few children from trafficking- This is the most disturbing thing in post earthquake Nepal. A lot of children (specially orphans and young girls) are being trafficked to India, taking advantage of their helpless situation. They are being sold to work as domestic slaves, factories and sex trade. We are disgusted with this and want to try to rescue some of these children. We want to put them in our school in Thade and take care of them. This is the most difficult of our campaigns. We don’t know where and how to start but hopefully we will find a way.

With all the support we are getting from you beautiful people out there, we believe we will be able to save a few children and put them in our school or put them in some safe homes, organizations or NGO run shelters. We hope we will be successful in this campaign!

Hi On Life’s rescue & relief team