Posted on: 11 Jun 2015

We have reached Wapsa!

But what a journey….

After 12 hours in the jeep we finally reached Thade, the day before yesterday, at 11 p.m.  We crashed into our beds there. We had a good sleep and after unloading some things for our school, Grace Academy, we continued towards Wapsa.

After three hours in the fairly comfortable jeep, the road turned so bad so we had to change to a tractor.  Six hours later, after a dreadful drive, we reached Ghaza and we decided to stay overnight there.

In the morning over 65 people had come from the village of Wapsa to help carrying the loads of building material and food we had brought.  Everyone capable from the village was there – men, women and children of all ages. Still we could not bring everything – tomorrow a bunch of guys are going back down to Ghaza to bring the rest. We have 1200 kg of building material still there.

The trail to Wapsa was difficult and it took us three hours to get here.

When we finally reached, we got a heartwarming reception!  20 of the younger children, who were too young to carry loads, greeted us with flower garlands and songs.  They told us that they had prepared a welcome dance as well, but that they will perform that tomorrow, when all the villagers are back.

The children got very excited when they could see all the things we had brought for them.  It will be distributed tomorrow.  The village elders have asked me to distribute all the food to the families, and toys for the children myself, so I will be very very busy tomorrow. The village holds 29 households and many houses have been damaged by the earthquake. Everyone is sleeping outside under plastics.  The village is very beautiful, with a lot of vegetable gardens and flowers, and the people are absolutely lovely!  It feel soooo good to be here!

Tonight we will have Snow Trout for dinner that the young boys have fished from one of the streams nearby. No rain today, but very windy!  Tomorrow our team will start building the school!

Photos from the village will come when we are back in Kathmandu!

And please keep donating!  When you reach villages like this, you can tell that every penny is needed!

Hi On Life’s rescue & relief team


wapsa trip1

Loading the truck

wapsa trip2

And loading again – from the truck to the tractor.

wapsa trip3

All the guys in the Hi On Life rescue & relief team! Many of you probably recognize Dorje, Bhopal, Nima. Pemba, Saran and Tek!