Posted on: 01 Feb 2018

Naar Phu Valley with tents

In October 2016 I was part of a small trekking expedition up to Naar, Phu, Dona Lake and many other beautifull places high in Nepali mountains, organised by Saran and his team. We trekked a few passes, where only jaks were our company. Staying in tents up to 4.900 m was such a great experience.
Hi On Life organisation with Saran, cook, porters and other very nice persons (about 20 all together) helped and supported us in every moment. 
Food was excellent, tents great, weather sunny, but most of all hapy and smiling faces of the whole group made my trip simply the best possible.
Would like to stress that Saran is a strong organiser, so every detail is beeing planned in advance as well as immediately corrected on the way, if necessary. This gives his clients a feeling of security.
I will return for his Joga trip soon.

Nar Phu Valley Trek